What has happened to shotcut?

As an engineer, I can see the answer quite clearly, but you might not like it:
Your computer went kaput, sorry about it. With your evidence of “SH worked in March”, now “the same older version of SH no longer works” is clearly pointing to problem to somewhere in your system.

I hope nothing is really broken, I hope you can find some bad config-detail and get it fixed. Courage.

Check that you don’t have any bad hdd sectors(try crystal disk info) and there’s also been some big changes to windows and gpu drives over the last few months.

Hell yeah. I love how they’re like, “it’s new stuff, so its better” but fail to recognize that new stuff is worth jack shit if it constantly breaks something else. Like, “hey you can sort of use keyframes now, but your project will crash every 2 minutes because of regressions”.

And, of course, you’ll hear, “well what do you want, it’s free”. That ridiculous statement always says more about the arrogance of the developers. Just TRY charging money for an app this unstable lol. Finally they’ll be like, “well, maybe this isn’t the app for you” eye roll Why, because something breaks with each release new release? That’s the user being unreasonable? What a joke.

QA testing is a wonderful thing. If Shotcut can’t provide a stable application meant for public use, then it shouldn’t be offered to the public. Period.

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Lol what a f’ing arrogant thing to say. Got news for you homie, it’s not just this person having this problem. While I’m just a simple plebian video editor - and not an ENGINEER(!!) - I can see the answer quite clearly, but you might not like it: your head is so far up your own ass you’d opt to quickly blame a hardware issue rather than at least reflect on the fact that someone is trying to tell you that Shotcut has a growing problem with regressions. What a hero you are, mighty engineer! All hail the ENGINEER!

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I disagree. This software performs way beyond what I would ever wish to edit.

Instead of just throwing insults to the devs and to other members of this forum, try to at least give specifics to what not’s working. Give detailed information of what’s crashing. What are your file specifications, computer specification, etc.

Jumping on a bandwagon of negativity is easy. It’s more challenging and rewarding to find a solution to a problem.

Yeah Snoopy, you know I’ve done this, and you know I got the same screwball answers as CaptScarlet. I believe it was actually you that gave the easiest answer of all: “maybe this software isn’t for you”. I mean, it’s editing software is it not? It’s for editing video, which is what I do. Is the target user base not video editors? Why does someone have to be “techsavvy” (as the OP put it) to use an app literally intended for editing video? Just because it meets whatever low bar you’ve set for yourself does not mean that the OP doesn’t have a very valid point, which is that Shotcut has seen a rash of regressions recently that are shrugged off by devs like yourself.

I make this for myself and share it with others. Take it or leave it.

Yes, it has seen a rash of regressions because the features are designed to interact with each other. But, it is getting better with each new version since 18.05. The next version 18.08 due August 1 will contain only fixes. All the others in this thread are not developers. Only I am and someone else occasionally. I have not been shrugging it off but instead busily working on the fixes.

The points have been made, I will not remove Shotcut from public consumption, and I will continue onward as I always have. There have always been people complaining and others praising. That is the way of the world. There have been other times in the past 6 years when there have been periods of instability before reaching the stability that version that 18.03 offers. I am fairly confident I can bring it back to that level in the next couple of months. It is very unfortunate that there have been so few bug fixes submitted the open source way.


Hi, software developer here. Love Shotcut and it gets better with every release. Would it help to adopt a versioning scheme that lets users know the release they are installing may be significantly less stable than a previous one? I’ve noticed a lot of mobile apps will display a changelog when launching an update, which I find helpful (but then again I am a developer, not sure if regular users would read it). Or perhaps breaking the downloads page into “stable builds” and “development builds?”

Keep up the great work and I wish there was a way for me to donate to the project!

There’s no doubt it’s disappointing to be looking forward to new features only to find that the latest update has introduced bugs, but I accept that in context as do the other people being maligned here. There are plenty of other “stable” NLEs out there both Open Source and free to use commercial programs, but I choose Shotcut because I found it friendlier and easier to use than any others I tried.
In recent days I have raised/commented on two different bugs causing me issues with the latest release which have prevented my use of new features that would make my life MUCH easier, and there has been a developer response within mere days telling me/us that the problem is fixed for the next release. I call that responsive and understanding - hell if it were a commercial product I’d call it “good customer service” - but it’s not. It’s a personal project, a very worthwhile and useful one at that, that the developers have kindly chosen to share and collaborate on with us. I DON’T have the knowledge or skills required to build or fix a project such as Shotcut, but I’m mighty glad there are people out there with both the skills and community spirit to do so.
You want QA testers? Congratulations - you ARE one!

I’ve seen you mention this on another post. What do you mean by “open source way”? I have an idea of what you’re talking about, but not sure.

Can’t say how disappointed I am…For my video editing needs, I thought Shotcut was the second coming of Jesus…But just recently, it seems to have come apart at the seems on a number of levels…I tried to install the newer version, 702 but the program completely freezes up when I install it…I tried to backtrack and install the previous version, 508 but that froze up as well…I used Shotcut for month without a single problem but now I’m completely lost—It’s shapening tool was as good as anything that I’ve used before…Ric

You are on the wrong forum, d1d5t:
As for me, I have been using since 2014 on windows 7 and Linux, and it always worked. I can still open my oldest projects in v18.7.02 (provided I de-activate GPU effects).
As for me, i would be able to afford a costly Adobe subscription – though I think £52.99/month is quite indecent –. I tried paying video editing software, but I could not tolerate those invasive apps that always try to sell you something more.
I chose Kdenlive, which was very good (though it was Linux-only, then), and I still use it sometimes, along with Openshot. Now Shotcut seems to be better. It does not fill my computer with lots of useless other apps, it does not spy me.
The mobile OS market is now completely controlled by Google and Apple. Plague or cholera. Windows 10 is trying to take control of our desktop computers. FOSS was never so necessary.


This is not a known bug and something others have been complaining about. You have not explained anything about your OS or the steps leading to the freeze. As stated earlier, v18.03 is the latest stable version before addition of major new features. Maybe you need to clear your stored settings and go back to that version.

Yes, I’ll try and be more specifics…Up until a week ago Shotgun was working just fine and then came the alert to update, so I did…But, the install kept freezing up at the point where I click, “I Agree”…I then tried to install the version I had before but again the installation froze at “I Agree”…Prior to me installing the latest version of Shotcut there were only little annoyances like choppy play… I have Windows 10 and I’m a computer novice but did in fact clear my machine but to no avail…I will regret not using Shotcut…It was wonderful…Ric

It has been glitchy as hell, but i got through. I have read the comments above and can’t wait till the glitches are worked out. Many thanks for making this software. And to the haters out there, what’s the point? DO some meditation and work out your stress in different ways. :slight_smile:

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Those are harsh unjustified words, don’t you think?
Personally I loathe those folks who want everything for free but with the satisfaction as if they had paid 1000 bucks, every month. You are lucky that the guys here don’t loathe but have endless tolerance, right?

Besides, to calm you down: I run th enewest release too, flawless. Of course not on a “Lenovo”, lol.

Now, flawless is of course a bit misplaced, but no more than your words. :slight_smile:

I suggest you get a real computer, don’t run too many programs at the same time, and then likely, like myself, the only choppiness you notice is during playback WITH AUDIO in the timeline, and only for heavily edited clips. And NOT in the exported video. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

(I am so new here that I haven’t even downloaded Shotcut, yet! I’m retired, here in Texas, and on Social Security and I’d just like to say:) I’m extremely grateful to you for developing Shotcut and offering it at no charge! Somehow, I got onto a Camtasia-users’ website and went looking for the price. After I caught my breath, I searched for other options. Now, mind you, the MOST advanced video recording, to date, that I’ve done is to let my Grandkids make faces into my “elaborate” Logitech mini-cam attached to my laptop <o.k., you guys can stop the laughter, here…>. It’ll be awhile before I can get a REAL video camera. Anyway, I hope to learn Shotcut, and I’m VERY thankful you’ve remembered the less-fortunate-financially folk with your program! --Bruce

The only thing I’d like to see in this forum, if it can be done, is to have the date-of-posts added, so we know how current a question or reply is. Beyond that, I think I’ll wait a week, for the latest fixes to download Shotcut. Does that sound advisable?

A BIG “THANK YOU” to those of you who have tried to help. From this very forum, I have read and learnt. Yes, I’m not “tech savvy” but I did read your comments, and from that (after a rollback) my Shotcut is now working…well, for now at least. I did ( as member D-S stated) run a hdd drive scan for bad sectors, and that (somehow…up to now) seems to have resolved the issue. I also downloaded V.18.03 (hope I got that right) as one of the devs said it was the most stable version. Again, that seems to work. My apologies if my “reply” to “davidoff” offends, but that user added nothing but insults. Some people should bear in mind, that not everyone can afford to buy the most “up to date” computers, or indeed, programs. The users post added NOTHING to try to resolve an issue…just used it as an excuse to start putting people down. If other users are experiencing the same tech issues I had, than may I suggest a hdd disk check as D-S stated. It seems to have worked for me now at least. Peace.

In the top right corner of a post is an age indicator in the form of minutes, hours, days, etc. If you hover your mouse over it, you get a tooltip with the full date and time.

@CaptScarlet I hope you do not mind that I removed your previous post that was flagged by another as personally offensive to another user. It did not add much to the thread. Since you are the original poster and have come back to followup (thank you for that!), and plenty of others including myself have had a chance to explain their perspective, I think it is time to close this thread.