What combination of Optimal Format and Codecs for this use?

Salve, con la macchina fotografica oltre a qualche time lapse, realizzo diversi video della durata media di dieci secondi, tutti in qualità HD, 25 frm, per poi inviarli alle agenzie di videostock. Questi video generalmente hanno un peso che oscilla tra i 50 e i 200 m/byte.

I loro clienti, esigono anche ottime qualità di compressione con la minima perdita di informazioni.

Li utilizzerebbero non tanto su Youtube o canali simili, ma sui computer, a loro uso professionale.

Una di queste agenzie mi ha invitato a riflettere sulla possibilità che la versione del codec ProRes (che utilizzo con Shotcut in abbinamento al formato Mov,) in alcuni computer dei loro clienti, potrebbe modificare la gamma colore che, come da loro richiesta ho impostato in REC.709.

Rimanendo sulla gamma colore REC.709, per l’utilizzo che devo farne, quale abbinamento tra Codec e Formato mi consigliate, tra quelli attualmente disponibili in Shotcut?


Google Tranlation from Italian to English:

Hi, with the camera and some time lapse, I make several videos of an average duration of ten seconds, all in HD quality, 25 frm, and then send them to videostock agencies. These videos generally have a weight ranging from 50 to 200 m / byte.

Their customers also demand excellent compression qualities with minimal information loss.

They would use them not so much on Youtube or similar channels, but on computers, for their professional use.

One of these agencies invited me to reflect on the possibility that the version of the ProRes codec (which I use with Shotcut in combination with the Mov format) on some of their customers’ computers, could change the color range that, as requested by them, I set in REC.709.

Remaining on the color range REC.709, for the use I have to make of them, which combination of Codec and Format do you recommend, among those currently available in Shotcut?


Do you want to use ProRes with the improvements mentioned in your other post?

Or do you want people to recommend another? If another, I recommend H.264 MP4 with a higher quality level in the Export > Codec tab. You can also change the preset in the Other tab to =medium.

For a stock agency, ProRes or DNxHR are probably your best codecs. You could either add the customizations to the ProRes preset as described in your other post, or you could wait until the next version of Shotcut which has those changes already built into the preset.

If you wanted to go the H.264 or HEVC route, the post below has some specific values you could use. However, you would probably have to change the Other tab to set pix_fmt=yuv422p because many stock agencies prefer 4:2:2 over 4:2:0 video. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if the H.264 presets adapt to the pixel format of the input video. I’ve always forced the pix_fmt option to guarantee I get the format I need.

Have patience shot, but as you can see in the picture, inserting the MP4 format, regarding the h264 codec, I have to choose between:
h264_amf, h264_nvenc and h264_qsv.
What are these differences?

AMF, NVENC, and QSV refer to different types of hardware encoding, which will not get you the level of quality you need to submit video to a stock agency. Use the libx264 option instead.

I would like to thank you both for the exhaustive contribution you have made to my request, which I believe is largely satisfied.

I hope that your answers can be useful to others, who would like to try Shotcut in the use of video montages, to be proposed to microstock agencies.
Indeed, without naming names, I can personally confirm that even that well-known microstock company, bought by that other company that produces that famous professional video editing program, if what I send is in accordance with its commercial and qualitative standards, about which the collaborators are made aware, is accepting indifferently also the videos that I work and export with the free Shotcut. :medal_sports::+1:

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