What audio format to insert for quality audio?


I have edited a video with shotcut and this forum has been very helpfull. Thanks to all of you !

But now I’ve come to finalise my work, I wonder how the audio is rendered when you export the video.

I’ve made a music video and I’dd like to have good audio quality.

So, I first imported a good mp3 file, rendered directly from my DAW. But when I was going to render the video I realised that the audio was maybe going to be re-compressed. Is that right ? Or is it just put “as is” in the video container ?

So than I imported a wav render of my audio thinking ShotCut was going to compress the audio, but the video I exported is huge (500MB for 4 minutes at 1920*1080p)

So, I 'dd like to know how the audio is treated during rendering, and also if I should choose audio quality when I insert the audio, or during export of the actual video.

My aim is to produce a good quality music video for our website and youtube, so maximum quality at a reasonable weight…

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you should never use mp3 as source for a project, flac is way better
also you can set audio bitrate/% on the export

you would want a high bitrate source for youtube, so it wont have to re-encode all those compression artifacts etc

btw you can try some of the presets ive made

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Thanks alot. This answers my question

I insert a wav or flac render from the DAW and than let Shotcut do the audio encoding (compression), otherwise I’m going to compress the audio that was allready compressed.

I will have a look at your presets tonight as I’m now at work.

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Hi Frans, I’m having the same problem. Did you discover a good way to record Hq-audio already? I also use a DAW (Cubase) and when I upload music to Youtube the audio quality is becoming worse (after exporting tmo wave-file, exporting to Shotcut and a third time to Youtube.

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Similar here. My audio is currently a WAV file but the quality suffers when the video is exported. (I am a complete novice here)


To simplify and condense what Austin linked to, try changing Export > Advanced > Audio > Codec to “ac3”.