Weired Fade in/out - no obvious reason

Hi there,

I am trying to simple give a fade in /out to “The End” of a family video. It shows perfectly normal when playing the timeline. I am laying an Text over a snippet of black video (mark the properties)

Timeline and Properties

When I export to MKV h.264 I get this:

Why is that. Differing properties of timeline and clip? I was under the impression the all material will be rendered to fit the output. I tried the same with a color and overlaying text - but the it will not fade in /out even though the filters are active…

Hi @mcconnor, that is WEIRD! Have you tried putting the text on a separate track? Open>other>text. Exported fine for me.
Like this:

Exported fine for me.

Adding a “Text” media will work as expected. Thanks for that clue! I will do it like that.

It is a bit tedious to cut this kind of media exactly to the desired lenght. Is there some way to create a Color/text/bars… media of exact length immediately? I could not find that.

It remains the question why overlaying my black clip with text garbles the text/effect. To me that can only be a bug most likely because of some media incompatibility I am not aware of. I have been using this black clip since ages with all sorts of different NLEs as a placeholder and never have had any issue…

Easy! Hover over either EDGE of the text clip (so turns either red or green), hold the left mouse button and drag.

Glad the suggestion helped.

Thanks for the reply - but I did rather mean: can I specify the length of the media to be created immediately upon creation without the need to resize thereafter?

When you create a new text/color/bar the length defaults to 4 sec, unless you change the default. To make the text exactly the length you want.

Create a text clip. Use the mouse scroll wheel (when you hover over the time spinner) or the arrow keys or pg up/down to move the play head forward or back. image

Once you get the desired length, press o to set the out point. Then you can add the clip to the play list for use later or drop it on the timeline and use it immediately.

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