Webcam footage conversion continues failing

So I’ve finished recording webcam footage, but I turned off the microphone use for my camera since I was using Audacity to record audio, and all I had to do was sync that to my webcam.

But when I put the video into Shotcut, it pops up a window saying that it wants to convert the video in a edit-friendly content. However, it fails around the 50% mark. I’ve tried the other options; the first option got over 10% and the last one failed before I even got a percent.

Here’s the error log.

Webcam Error Log.txt (32.9 KB)

I’d really appreciate the help!

This suggests that your hard drive is full:
av_interleaved_write_frame(): No space left on device

I suggest to free up some hard drive space and try again.

Recent versions of Shotcut have checks and warnings for low disk space. You do not mention your Shotcut version, but maybe it is time to upgrade.


Oh…Alright then. Thank you for your help! :grinning:

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