Want to increase export speed

I want to compress a video. Its actual size is 2 GB. I want it in a good quality. Important is what I want to compress it quickly. It tooks about 2.30 hours for creating a video with 1.20 hours. Is there any way to compress faster with good quality.

Its always a compromise between file size, encoding time and video quality.
To reduce file size you have to reduce video quality setting. The quality setting in the advanced tab is per default 55% - which is already a good compromise. The human eye in most cases would see any artefacts above 60% and most people wouldn’t see any difference if encoded at 50%, 60 or 70%. file size will increase drastically already from 50 to 70%.
Some latest video codecs are able to further reduce file size at still good quality, but on the other hand more elaborated codecs are more demanding with resp. to CPU-time - so render time will increase on the same machine. You will find a lot of topics here to dive deeper into this matter if you do a search.

What about compatibility? There are some formats that can make great quality in small sizes, but they don’t have 100% compatibility with every device it may be played on, such as hardware TVs and smartphones. If your target is just YouTube, then options open up considerably.

Also, do you have a GPU with a good hardware encoder? If so, what kind on what operating system?

I could’t get solution to my exact question. Please reply that there is any way to EXPORT fastr for high size videos. I tried using hardware encoding. It doesn’t worked. I also tried for making the preset=‘ultrafast’.It also does’t worked any change in exporting speed.Please reply if there is any way to increase EXPORTING SPEED.Please answer to my exact question

Please help me for increasing export speed

Hello @Praveen_Me , To increase the export speed you need to have a good and faster GPU or CPU or another option is to lower the quality setting or bitrate in the “Advanced” tab, then getting about the size it could increase or decrease depending on the preset you choose.

Please send screenshots of the four export panels so we know what your start point is. (The settings in the Video, Codec, Audio, and Other panels that generated the 2.30 hours encode.)

Using preset=ultrafast (without quote marks) makes a significant difference when set up correctly. Although, I would recommend preset=veryfast over ultrafast because the quality jump is pretty significant without impacting time or file size a lot.

Do you actually have a GPU? Or QuickSync Video from an Intel CPU? I have asked you for necessary information to help you, but you are not providing it.

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