Volume slider nest to audio peak display?

In a couple of the tutorials I see a slider next to the Audio Peak display. The filter gain interface is IMHO rather clunky. Does the slider still exist or become the gain filter?

Can you show one of the tutorials you said had the audio slider next to the display? I’m not sure but I think there is only the gain filter.

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See the Normalize and Stabilize tutorial for what I take to be a gain slider next to the audio display.

Bear in mind that volume slider was never something that affected the project at export time. It only affects the volume of the player. Therefore, it was moved to the player UI to save space and to try to make that more obvious. On the road map is a mixer UI panel that will have a “strip” for each track plus a master out gain - all of which affect the project. Now, you need to add gain filters to the tracks (select track head) or timeline (select cornerstone).

What is please “cornerstone”?

If you click the top left rectangle in the timeline, you can apply filters to all the clips on the timeline.

Kind of like how you can add a filter to a track header so it affects all the clips contained in the track.

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Oooohhh… better and better! [/big grin]