Volume dips at split

Windows 10 Pro 64bit / 16Gb RAM / Radeon HD5700 / SSD / ShotCut 16.09.01 / GPU processing ‘off’

There’s a brief volume dip to zero at the end of each split. This is new behavior. I can’t find a setting which would cause this.
Any advise?

First, Shotcut is up to 16.11.02. That’s a big jump from 16.09.01. The update should help a number of problems you may be seeing.

Second, I’ve seen black frames show up between clips. For whatever reason, the magnet effect doesn’t always close the clips up completely. A little sliding and shoving fixes the problem. If you’re editing audio tracks at the same time, that may be your dip to 0. Or not…

I’ll update and see if that helps.
Just to be clear, there’s nothing between clips. What I have shown is one single clip that has been split which immediately shows the volume dip (at the instant I split the clip). There are no additional audio tracks.
The magnetic snapping of the next clip works fine, there’s no black frame between the clips, though the audio dip is noticeable.

I’ll be back after updating.

Hi Richard,
Updating to 16.11.02 hasn’t changed this behavior.

Try it yourself. Drag and drop a clip into SC, drag it from the preview window to the timeline, move the playbar to a point with a high waveform peak (makes it easier to see the dip) and press ‘S’. The end of the split clip to the left has a volume dip yet the start of the [now] new clip to the right does not have a dip at it’s start.
Note that the volume dip also happens if I open a new clip in the preview window and mark in/out points then add it to the time line.
(deliberately pulled apart and zoomed to make it easier to see the result)


Yikes! I see the dropout you’re talking about.

ADDED: I posted a note, reporting this, in the bug category.

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