Volume Audio Filter problems

Hello, I have a big problem with the audio in my project.
At the moment I’m working with version 21.03.21 (as i begone it) on a very extensive project. I can/want not continue with new versions because otherwise manything else moves to me, or does not fit a lot anymore (have already been tried) …

The project has 3 video tracks and 3 audio tracks. In 2 video tracks is partially audio and in the audio tracks spoken text, sound effects and background music is cut. It is a very extensive project that also contains many masks and grafiks. Audio is scattered in many snippets …

The problem: Recently it started that everything was arbitrarily either too loud or too quiet. When adjusting the filters there was no difference to hear. When opening Shotcut again, as soon as I put somewhere again at another point the tone louder / quieter, it was no longer agreed throughout the project. It is impossible to continue working as I have to close Shotcut every time to hear the result, etc. Even when rendering, it is not true in many places, so it’s not the player of Shotcut (?).

I have already tried the following.

1. On each track with audio (including the clips) also additionally audio filters laid over the entire track, that brought the same result - suddenly too loud, too quiet …

2. Uninstall Shotcut, clear the user directory (.db and Thumbnails, …) already quite big. Newly installed …

3. Reinstall the audio drivers in Windows to suspect

4. Now I have continued with the version 21.09.13 in the hope that it is better … (but it had to revise some masks and re-associated keyframes because the masks showed black image, …).

I have been working on this project for nearly a year and now it is almost destroyed as it depends on the audio effects and sounds. :frowning:

I do not understand it, every filter (are limiter, volume, hall and pitch) is still set as well as I had done it, but either I hear almost nothing more, because too quiet, or it’s too loud …

As I said, an adjustment of the sounds is not effective, since then it does not fit again when restarting because I had it “blind”.

It also does not bring anything when I delete the filter in one place, restart Shotcut and set the filter new. As soon as anything is done on the project, it is not true again. :frowning:

It has always become worse lately as the project has become greater again. Before it came only occasionally and I could correct it. Now it’s boundless! If i finished behind it did not fit away from the front, etc.
I could almost cry
Please give me someone a tip what I can do?

Regards, Paul

Oh, i had read this some day,s bevor (Sound Issue (won't play in adjusted volume)) and it is like my problem, but long time ago with version 18.xx.xx and there was no solution for this. :frowning:

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