Voice over

shotcut recognizes my microphone but is unable to open the audio input. I follow the process ( open other, select microphone, export, capture file ) but at the end, there is no sound!

Sorry to hear that. I just tested it on Windows with the latest version 21.02.27, and it is working OK for me. It is known that it does not work with all audio inputs even we have tried hard. It sounds like it made a recording, but it is silent. If that is the case, it was probably able to open the microphone, but sometimes the system (Windows) mixer is not setup correctly or its input level was set very low or even mute.

Did you hear sound after you did Open Other and before starting capture? If Shotcut’s player was not muted, you should be able to hear it. At this point, it is in a monitoring mode so you can verify it is working. If Shotcut’s player was muted before you chose Open Other, you can still verify the sound is received at a decent level by viewing the audio peak meter that normally shows next to the player.

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