View > Layout - how to remove and modify!

Shotcut added the feature called Layout which is great for most user. But there are some incomplete fetures which are listed below. Specially I’m facing trouble when removing my existing layout (not default layout ) that I created.

  1. Add symbols or any indication for which Layout that I’m using
  2. Add remove option to the user created layout
  3. “Add” option for new layout must be in last.
  4. Add feature for renaming my existing layout name
  5. Add ability to modify my existing layout

Can’t do. Shortly after you choose a layout it can easily change. In that case, current is like a hidden “most recent” layout.

I agree that should be added. Meanwhile, here is the settings docs so you can delete manually.

Must is a strong word, and I do not even understand this.

These are not really possible given #1.
We could choose to add the notion of “current layout” and save your changes to it when selected, but what happens if you choose the Stock “Timeline Layout” and then change things? Does it update that layout? If so, why and how do you get back to the stock version? If it does not, then how you can return to it, if it is already selected?