Videos always set to yuv420p

So, all of the videos I put into shotcut always get set to 420p, I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the recording software quality, some settings in shotcut itself or my PC, I may sound stupid but I’m just not sure on how to change it.

Could you possibly be looking at the format?
Resolution is the size of the video (width x height). In this example the video is 720p.


What are you recording with?

yuv420p refers to how color is encoded in the video. Most consumer cameras and screen capture programs will use yuv420p, which is why every clip dragged into Shotcut says the same thing regardless of its source. If you are looking for dimensions like 1080p, those are called Resolution in Shotcut and can be found in the highlighted area by @Hudson555x.

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Yh, I was. Thought that meant the graphics and stuff.

I use OBS

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