Video with transparent background

I’m trying to make an intro that can go above anything, and it isn’t just an image (icon fades in, and then text fades in after)
Chroma Key won’t work (because it fades in and out) and exporting to a video with alpha channel doesn’t seem to work either
Any way I can fix that?
Thanks in advance

Do you want to get a transparent background on a video?

To get text to fade in and out I would just have the colour opacity change through small selected section.

Sorry if that is not helpful

Shotcut currently has limited ability to preserve the transparency of multitrack compositions when usinn export preset from the “alpha” category (it works for basic things). If you only need to reuse the intro in Shotcut, save it as a project and then use File > Open MLT XML as Clip in a new project. It is important that your project frame rates match when using this.

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