Video size reduction


hello guys… i have a problem with finale video export size
the file become a too large 6GB+ for only 2 min video with 1 song ,1 video layer and 3 effects
i using “youtube” export with 1280x720, 60FPS , 720p
i guess the problem coming from “old film: grain” filter , because everytime when i use it my video size just freak it out.
i rly like the filter effects because i specialize on VHS type of vides so …how can i still use the filter but avoid that file size problem … also will be good if i dont lose so much of the quality

Thank you first!


what is your video mode set at? settings - video mode
did you click “advanced” in the export window?
if so, did you change any settings?
if you did, what settings did you change?


on “advanced” options i only change the quality on 99%
because in most cases i using a bad quality videos/gifs and i dont want to make them even worse


That’s why the file size is so big. Leave it at the default (59%) and see if you are okay with that size. If not then play around with it from there.