Video Properties Changing

I open an mp4 file and click on “Properties”. All of my video’s properties look OK. I save it as an .mlt file.

I close the program and open the previously-saved mlt file. The resolution has changed from 1280 x 720 to 1920 x 1080. The frame rate has changed from 59.94 to 25 fps. The codec has changed from HEVC (265) to libx264.

Is this normal behavior?

Yes if you haven’t set things up correctly.

Before importing your clip, make certain that Settings>Video mode matches the clip you will import.
Once you have added the clip to the timeline, saving the MLT project file will ensure the correct settings are written to the .xml

After saving as .mlt with libx265 and 100% quality, upon reloading it persists in reverting to libx264 and 60% quality.

It’s doesn’t import at 60%, that’s just the preset you’ve selected.
You can create your own presets if you wish, choose ‘Custom’.

Honestly, most people have no problems because they’ve taken the time to figure how the application functions. It just takes a little time and practice. Not everything is a bug.

I’m saving an .mlt file. The point is that it’s not reading the same parameters it is saved with.

Does the program not save these parameters by design?

It would appear that export settings are not saved inside a project mlt file and that the default export profile cannot be set/remembered.

As Steve said, you can set custom export profiles for later: