Video previewer shrinks all previews - bug?

Hi All,
I’m reasonably proficient at Shotcut, but found a frustrating bug/issue that im trying to resolve.
I’ve saved a project, but whenever i deleted or modify any component now it shrinks my video preview:

AFTER (deleting one component):

See, its like a 10th of the size?

Its not a viewing or zooming issue. (zoom is still = zoom to fit)

This started happening after i copied the filter item/numbers for “size and position”, then pasted it.
Now, all video has shrunk.

Any help? Please !!!

Have you accidentally put a filter on the track or on the OUTPUT (like below)?



You’re a Legend Elusien - Thankyou so much for replying.

Saved my project! - and learnt about output filters.



Glad to be of help. I’m pleased that you can now complete the project.

FYI. It’s always a good idea when posting an image of the problem to show the whole Shotcut window, as then it would have been obvious to people trying to help that you had a filter on the output.

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