Video playback suddenly started freezing

Hi there,
strange, very strange issue happend to me today. Im running windows 7 64 bit on core i5 laptop. Everything worked fine till today morning, now any video I load in shotcut freezes as hell, everything in Shotcut is slow. And the most strange thing:
I have full HD video file. When I play it in windows media player it works fine, but in the VLC media player the video freezes just as in the Shotcut.

In VLC I fixed it when changing FFmpeg settings Hardware decoding to DirectX Video Acceleration. But in Shotcut the problem remains - changing display method has no result.

Last changes in my system are:

  1. Today I experimented with open source program DVD styler for creating DVD menus and tried to play it in Shotcut and VLC - now I uninstalled it with no result.
  2. I upgraded Shotcut from 16.07 to 16.08. Tried to downgrade again with Avast turned off with no result.

Its really weird can anybody please help me?
Thank you!

I have a hunch it could be the OpenGL support for the video card/GPU got screwed. I do not know VLC’s default video output method on Windows. It says “Automatic” with a very vague description (automatically choose best). You can try to upgrade or reinstall the driver. Oh, and maybe it is just in a bad run time state and you need to reboot. I assume you tried that already. You can also experiment with Shotcut Settings > Display Method > OpenGL or DirectX to see if it makes a difference. You can also try to reset all settings by deleting the registry entry (see FAQ) or choosing that option in the installer.

Lastly, I suppose you could have picked up some malware, or even if not, you ultimately might need to install Windows.

When you are using DirectX Video Acceleration, the GPU is primarily doing the decoding instead of the CPU as well as the output. Windows Media PLayer defaults to using it. Shotcut does not support it. It needs images in CPU RAM for processing and encoding. So, is something busy using the CPU? Or, did some power-saving setting reduce the CPU speed? After Shotcut has the video images, it still must display them, and it uses OpenGL or DirectX for that, which is why I am worried about the driver.

Hey, yesterday I rebooted with no luck, but today everything is working fine :slight_smile: . Really weird, but Im glad that it works fine now. Maybe it needed reboot after changing settings in VLC or whatever or it was kind of black magic :smiley: I will let you know if it comes again but hopefully not.

Thank you.