Video Playback is Choppy

I’m new to Shotcut, and when I play back a video, it isn’t smooth. When I talk, it jumps a lot, and the frame rate is very slow and jumpy. I filmed the video off of my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, and am using Windows 10.

Thanks for the help!

Not enough information.
Tell us about your computer, model and hardware specs.

Meanwhile, uninstall Shotcut and install an earlier version available here:

What other information should I provide? I’d rather not uninstall the current version unless I cannot make it work.

Well it’s not difficult to uninstall.
The current version has a known issue, hence the advice.

Read the thread and you’ll know that this is NOT the issue under discussion.
Or are you just a spammer!?

No confusion, you are a spammer who has posted in 5 threads offering solutions to random issues by way of software from the SAME publisher.
Hiding behind a short URL doesn’t save you either, they are easy to reveal without a visit.

Spammer disolved :slight_smile: