Video Mode: Automatic doesn't actually adjust to first file?

I updated it recently, and it used to be I can open a file where the resolution matched the video player, lets say 640x640. There weren’t vertical black rectangles before, but they show up now and sometimes make the video smaller and become a part of the video once I export it.

I don’t want this man, it doesn’t actually adjust to the file on Automatic anymore, or at least how I’d like it to. When I tried exporting again, I tried matching the resolution and aspect ratio, both were 240x240. But all that did was create a black border surrounding the video. I don’t know if this is intentional or a bug, but I’m pretty frustrated right now.

Yes it does but only the very first file added to a project. Did you try restarting Shotcut (or use File > Close) and then try opening the video? If you are changing something in Export > Advanced that is probably contributing to your problem.

It’s not really a exporting issue; that was more me experimenting later. I hope this embeds (edit: ok nice it does)

I just want to get rid of the black rectangles, because previously it used to be just the video in the center w/o them in the editor and after I export it

Ok I figured it out. I have to make the .mlt file with the Automatic video mode on. The video mode earlier would be left on HD 1080 30 fps, but I usually just ignored naming the project and went directly to opening videos on it, hence the said borders.

I don’t remember if I ever choose that, or if that mode became default in an update, idk.

I feel really dumb not knowing this but at the same time glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

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