Video made in 2021 using mask transitions

This was the first video with mask transitions I made with Shotcut. I also used a mask to blur a wall advert. I used GIMP for editing stills and OBS for destop video capture.
Video shooting was done with a Google Pixel 3 phone.


Nice use of masks but was the “hesitancy” of the transitions deliberate?

Thank you. I don’t know the what you mean by “hesitancy” of the transitions. I try as much as possible to match transitions with the soundtrack. It was the first time that I was using this kind of transitions to try to “blend” the scenes with such a short soundtrack… I did this in 2021… Probably I would things a bit differently… I also wanted to leave a testimony before leaving that company, so I did it a bit in a rush…

I believe that this is a good decision for the first work in video editing.

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