Video is skewed when size, position & rotate is used

Video is skewed when size, position & rotate is used, tried without rotation and no help.
I am using ver 20.11.28 any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @MichaelVest
Can you show a screen capture of your Shotcut window, showing the problem you describe ?

Not sure I know how to send a pic :frowning:

Sorry I didn’t try that :frowning:

Ok… but we don’t see your Shotcut window in this capture. This is a shot of your video in a media player.
Is your video skewed also when you preview it IN Shotcut ?

no it looks fine in shotcut, only when I do a playback

Ok. I don’t know what can cause this export problem. But don’t worry someone else will probably be able to help you very soon.

Thanks, was wondering if maybe turning off proxy would work.

You’ll probably need to provide more information. Like details about the files you are using in your project and your export settings.

It can’t hurt to try, but I never had this kind of problem with PROXIES.

Si c’est le même problème qu’ici
il sera résolu avec la prochaine version.

If it’s the same problem as here
it will be resolved with the next version.


@MichaelVest do you have a Size, Position & Rotate filter applied to any of your clips ?

yes I have brightness, contrast and Size, Position & Rotate.
I have fixed the issue, Size Position & Rotate has to be first (on top of other filters).
Thanks for your quick responses :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I’m glad you found a solution.

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