Video is rendering 3 hours with h.265 codec (versions before it was normal rendering time!)

Title says it.

I hope that someone help me again.
Sorry fore these many topics, many versions before i had no problems…

Depending on your file sizes, length of video, and computer spec/software environment could play a huge factor in your rendering time.

You provided no actual details other than the codec you used.

Please read this tutorial : Requesting Support

Please define ‘normal’?

Rendering time was under 20 minutes, now with the SAME SETTINGS (!)
it renders 3 hours or longer.

Codec: H.265
bitratemode: constant
bitrate as video (6000kbits)


Is this your Source or Export properties?
What is the length of your video?

Note: I am not using H.265 as these are just examples.
Here is an example of my SOURCE properties window:

Here is an example of my EXPORT properties windows using the YouTube preset:

These are my export properties.

Computer specifications?
Operating system?
Shotcut Version number?
What are your source file specifications?
Video length?

You’re just simply not providing enough information.

Versions before it was good and now… And you"re saying that it is an computer problem?

Ok, this is my last reply in trying to help you.
I said you’re not providing enough information, and you’re not answering questions.
I do wish you luck figuring things out. :slight_smile:

Depending on your computer specifications, 3 hours seems pretty “normal” to me. H.265 encoding requires an extreme amount of CPU resources. Are you absolutely sure you weren’t use H.264 previously? H.264 would encode much more quickly than H.265.

Ok, i think i fixed it,
I have used libx265 before and now i"m using Nvenc_Hvenc.
Now it the timecounter says 3 hours but it"s rendering faster (as it was before the version update)
I think i have used the wrong encoder (I should remember the encoder in the future …)


They ask for your cpu specs not to pick apart your cpu’s quality but to see if what you have is optimized for this specific version. Next time just provide CPU specs, it doesn’t only help you out it helps others out when figuring out how to best fix the problem if they have it.