Video is a bit blurried after editing

Hello, I have done a split view of two videos. The clip is fine but the right video is a bit blurried and I did not know why. The original video is attached under video2, this video is not blurred. Does anybody know why in the split video, the right video is a bit blurred? I have only cropped the video and changed the size of them.


Video2 has been downscaled to fit into Video1

In general, when you downscale something (resample to smaller dimensions ) , you would expect the results to be worse

If your image is a vector, you could scale that in a vector program (e.g inkscape) , and import the rasterized image into shotcut . When you scale a vector image, there will be less loss, image will be more crisp

So if I understand it right I can nothing do to get rid off the downscaling error? Exept if I do not resize the video2.

You might like to try a different interpolation scheme for the export. Try LANCZOS interpolation and see if that improves the resulting video.

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