Video in timeline will not export

Hello, I have been using Shotcur for a few months. Videos that have transitions and photos usually takes a full day to export for a 15 min video. This time my video is 25 minutes using the latest version of shotcut but the export stays at 0% complete. Ive saved the project, closed the software, restarted the computer and tried again and it still wont render the video. I see it on the Export jobs and in a 24 hour period it is at 0%. What can I do to fix this. I have a Sony VAIO laptop, 64-bit. The processor isnt that fast but it has been able to export videos before.

I have tried to export small portions of the video 1-2 minute sections and it still wont render.

Have you looked at the export log? Sometimes it gives some kind of clue as to what’s happening.
As well as this, have you tried using a different image at the start (0%)? It may be an issue with the way that Shotcut is processing that image.

Checking stuff like that has helped me in the past.

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