Video gets stuck when exporting

I hate that there’s so many people reporting this bug but no one is really helping, they even gave the team so much info about it and no one gave a helpful answer.
Not trying to bash on anyone, I will jump to the bug report-…
…- I have edited a 1 minute video, all I did is just cut the video 3/4 times and exported it - worked great.
The second video is 3 minutes, with a bunch of effects, cuts, music and the list just goes on.
The problem is with the effects for some reasons I can’t do anything with a bunch of effects, I can’t export anything edited ‘properly’

I don’t see a good use of this program if I can cut things only, everyone has Movie Maker and can use it to cut a video.
In my opinion this bug should’ve been fixed 2 months ago since it was reported, as of right now Shotcut is useless.

  • I haven’t found a way around this annoying bug, if you have a good suggestion please hit me up.

Incorrect. MM is no longer available.

Slices and filters used are one thing, but you’ve not mentioned anything about the video itself or the settings you chose to encode/export it. Neither have you mentioned the version of Shotcut you are refering to, or your computer’s specs.

A bug is only a bug if the same series of ‘steps’ can reliably re produce it. Random unexpected behaviours may have an alternative cause.

GPU - GTX 960
CPU - i5-2400 3.30 GHz
64 Bit
Windows 10
8 ram
ShotCut version: not sure how to check which one I have, but it’s the newest version till this date.

It doesn’t matter, I hope you got the point at least.

" but you’ve not mentioned anything about the video itself or the settings you chose to encode/export it. "

Anything pretty much, nothing seem to work.
I will give you an example:
1920 x 1080 - 16:9

I routinely export with similar settings without any issues, but there’s more to it than aspect ratio, resolution and container.
The encoding settings can have an effect, such as those under the Video and Codec tabs.
You could try changing your Settings>Display Method.
Also you could disable one filter at a time then re-export to check if the problem remains each time.

Help>About Shotcut

Thanks for replying, I will try to change the settings up it’s 2AM now so I might not reply anymore.
Would be great if you can check my comment tomorrow, I might fix it or I might face another problem cause that’s my luck.

Shoutcut version 17.04.02

Do you have any suggestions? I don’t want to change and try things I don’t even know the meaning behind, if you have any good idea of what should be changed it would be great.

I’ve made reasonable suggestions, if you don’t want to try them there’s nothing else I can do. Sorry.

What should I change exactly, It’s too much work to figure out what to do and then render and wait for it to be done.

Yet you waited two days before posting again!?
Trial and error is all part of the typical learning curve with new software. You can try what I have already suggested first and see if that helps, but if you don’t have patience for this methodology, then there is no hope for you, sorry about that.