Video form of a guide I wrote for a game I play on

So I got bored and decided to convert a guide I wrote for a game I play on into a video format. This is the result of over a week of intense love and care, and I want to share it with you all! I mainly used Shotcut for 90% of the work, and the remaining 10% was in Krita (a photo editor). I picked up a substantial number of tricks like learning how to chroma key better, and how to abuse corner pin to fake shadow effects. I just need to learn how to use the hotkeys better to save on time.

The timeline was an absolute mess lol. This video contains some crude humor and censored swearing, if that might be an issue.

EDIT: reuploaded to fix the audio quality


Nicely edited. I saw many cool animated text/image overlays.
But I’m sorry to say that I found the audio quality of the voiceover horrible. I have good headphones, but I could barely understand what you say. It seams like your microphone is good to catch low frequencies, but struggles in the mid and the high ranges. The loud background music in some parts of the video doesn’t help.

Thanks for sharing your video!


Yea I screwed up when recording the voice overs. I enabled noise suppression under the Recording effects and it was a big mistake. The Two-Pass filter also didn’t really help for it too much either. Definitely going to do it better next time, I appreciate the feedback.

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