Video Disappears leaving only Audio

Hello Folks,

Apologies if this problems been noted elsewhere but not that I could find.

I’ve been saving a perfectly good file and reopening only to find half my tracks no longer have video and show only the clip’s audio tracks. I’ve had a similar problem when files crashed and recovery versions lost the video, but now it’s just happening when I’m saving normally!

There’s no filters in the master, I haven’t moved any of the original clip files and the tracks themselves don’t even seem to be video anymore.

Is there anyway to restore the video or am I screwed?

Thanks for any insight.

Non Muted tracks: “A1” & “HI JULIANNE/INTRO”
Non Hidden video track: “HI JULIANNE/INTRO”

Just click the speaker icon to unmute.
Just click the closed eyeball icon to unhide video.

Hi Hudson.

The issue is with the tracks where there is no eyeball at all.

Tracks like ‘LAST BITS’ and ‘CONGRATS’ originally were full video tracks like ‘HI JULIANNE’. I reopened the file and they appear as they do in the screencap. No video. No eyeball.

That is correct, because those are audio tracks.
You only have 3 video tracks.
Everything in Green is audio.
Everything in Blue is video.

They were ALL video tracks when I saved the file. I did not change them to audio. Not sure why reopening the file would change them to audio tracks.

I do not know what caused the problem. Perhaps some sort of in-memory data corruption that got saved into the file. You will need to edit the .mlt XML file in a text editor to repair it. Locate every <playlist ...> line with a <property name="shotcut:audio">1</property> directly below it (except for the one with <property name="shotcut:name">A1</property> - that is your audio track, of course). Change the others from “shotcut:audio” to “shotcut:video”. Save and re-open.

Thank you!
The tracks where this was an issue did not have the ‘1’ section at all.

However, I pasted ‘1’ for all the issue tracks and the videos appeared! Haven’t had the problem since after multiple savings and reopenings with different filenames.


I am having the same problem when I simply “Save as” the project: the video disappears leaving only the audio. I printed out the file in WORD, but it doesn’t match up with the suggestions given here, so I don’t understand how to edit the file. A lot of work down the drain, so any advice would be appreciated. I am using a new WIN10 machine and the most recent version of Shotcut as of 12/20/19. Thanks.