Video capture with webcam gives video with INVALID pictured in it`

I’m not real clear on exactly how to record video from a webcam. From the tutorials it looks like you select the devices for your PC with the “Open Other” and then select the devices. That seems to go ok since I get to choose the video and audio devices separately and the video from the webcam shows in the main preview window. However, as I understand it, to actually capture the video, you then have to select export file for the video to be captured and then written to the disk. The file gets generated, but the video has “INVALID” pictured in it with the good audio. What needs to be done to actually write the captured video to the file?

You did not specify your operating system, but this is a known bug on Windows in recent versions.

Yes, it is Windows 10 that I first noticed this issue. However, since then I noticed it on Red Hat EL Open Linux as well. Does anybody know if this issue is being worked currently and will be fixed in a future release?

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