Video + audio tracks not 'lined up' after export

So, I have 2 tracks – one video (~6 minutes), one audio (~4 minutes). I pull both into the playlist, and edit (I believe) the first 2 minutes of the video track. So, remove first 2 minutes of video. Drag it to timeline. Then, open up audio, drag it to timeline. A bit of tweaking, and the audio and video synch up perfectly.

At least, when I preview everything. But, when I try to export, the video that gets exported starts about 4 minutes into the source video, not 2 minutes into the source.

So, what do i need to do to jointly export the video and audio from the timeline, with start/end points as specified in the timeline (because that sure isn’t happening now). Again, what I see/hear in the preview is exactly what I want to export.

Pointers to the obvious?

You could just easily skip the playlist and edit within the timeline.

Without seeing your timeline, it’s hard to guess what may have happened.
Did you export from Timeline or Playlist?

Sounds like the video is not seeking reliably and you need to Properties > Convert it.

Better (working) solution. Uninstall newest shotcut (qt6), revert to older version (qt5) and all works fine. Have no idea what the problem is. But not only didn’t ‘newest’ shotcut work, but performance was really ‘laggy’ in terms ability to move things around in the timeline.

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