Video at the wrong size after rotating, bug?

So I open Shotcut, set the resolution to 1080x1920, drag a 1920x1080 clip into it which fills the canvas vertically, rotate the clip 90° with the “rotate and scale filter” and now it’s not filling the canvas despite the file being 1920x1080, because apparently it’s being imported with 1080px as height, which sticks when I rotate it.

You could scale (at a messy 177.77777777777777%) but since that’s inaccurate it likely leads to quality loss. There is also no indication that the scaling would restore the original size or just scale up the gimped import size. There is no option to set the pixel size, which would be the logical option. I also tried opening the video first, rotating it and then changing the project resolution but that shrinks the video down from its proper resolution to a width of 1080 as well! Is this a bug? Surely such a common action as rotating a video shouldn’t be this messy.

/edit: nevermind, I used exiftool to rotate the video.

Are you sure you set the video mode correctly?
When you want to work with the full resolution image, you should set the video mode to the resolution of the image, i.e. 1920 x 1080 (and not the other way round)?
Then you can use scale and rotate and size it to whatever you want using the whole resolution of the original image.

Yes I did, I also tried the workaround (loading a 1920x1080 file on Automatic first). As I said, scaling isn’t really desirable because 16/9 doesn’t result in an integer percentage.

Anyway, I used another program to do this in literally seconds, so case closed as far as I’m concerned.

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