Video and Audio not synced after export

What is your operating system? Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64bit

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit? Shotcut version 19.10.20

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps? I’m making a gaming montage so having the video go along with the music is critical. When editing it looks fine, it’s all synced and everything is great. However, when I export it (I export it with the YouTube preset and don’t change any of the settings) it goes out of sync. It’s only by a few hundred milliseconds to a second but it makes the montage look terrible and a lot less satisfying. The music file is .mp3 if that helps. I also converted it to the edit-friendly format. Any advice?

Does this post help (click on the link)?

Sorry I’ve found a solution now, all I had to do was move my audio forward 6 frames. I don’t know how to lock this thread but if someone knows how please do so. Thanks!

@Timm - glad you found that works - but before you upload it to Youtube - I just did some testing with this audio lag problem and found something unexpected.

Testing went like this:

  1. I recorded myself playing the piano keyboard. Recording made with panasonic HC-V 180 camcorder. During recording, I recorded the sound in Cubase, then mixed-down the output to MP3.

  2. Imported the Panasonic .MTS file and the Cubase MP3 file into Shotcut. Muted the original Panasonic sound. Aligned the MP4 and the MP3 tracks to create perfect synchronisation.

  3. Exported the video as an MP4 using the default setting in Shotcut.

  4. Played the exported MP4 in Windows Media Player (Windows 10). Result - a slight audio lag (slight but noticeable).

5. Played the same MP4 in PotPlayer. Result: NO LAG.

  1. Uploaded the same MP4 file to Youtube. NO LAG.

So I’m wondering if the problem is nothing to do with the Shotcut export but with Windows Media Player?

Perhaps could @Timm confirm whether he/she used WMP to test the their footage?

Also is there anyone else out there who may like to test my file on a variety of players (including WMP) to see whether the lag exists for them? I’ve put it on GoogleDrive:

PS - info for @DvS - yes, I set the sound of my keyboard to a Yamaha DX7 sound (it’s actually a DX7 soundfont …) I was inspired to do this after reading your post -

I would definitely not rely on the WMP! I’ve known this for years and I’ve always been unreliable in playing content. It also connects permanently to the internet to check if the codecs are up to date and much more!
That’s why I never let this WMP on my hard drive!

I let the file run through VLC and SM-Player…

Thanks for being inspired! :smiley:

I found differences in the playback of some of my videos between different players.
I used to trust that VLC playback would have fewer problems than playing those videos in the Windows 10 “photo” and “movie and TV” applications.
However, there were videos that had jumped forward in VLC and yet went smoothly in the other players mentioned above.
I then disabled de-interlacing in VLC and it worked fine. But I did not activate this function, it was the default.
Also, software and driver updates can be a bit of a culprit.
Normally I use OBS for my captures playing on Rocksmith, however lately it wasn’t working well, now I use ShareX and I don’t know exactly why but it works better.
Maybe tomorrow will be different and the updates (always updating things) will make me have to change the procedure again.

Thanks @dvs and @ejmillan. I’ve always used WMP without thinking. I’m hoping it may solve the audio lag issue that many users have commented on. I’ve only recently found out about PotPlayer and it looks really good. I’m thinking of setting it as my default player. I’ll also look into VLC and SM-Player.
Yes, the DX7 sound is a classic!! :smile: Full performance here:
(Yes I know my keyboard is slanted - and also my flute nearly drops off the keyboard during the performance … ) :rofl:


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