Very strane issue with Text filter. Text is not showing!

I have a transparent PNG 64x64 over the main video.
I am trying to put text over it and then to cut layer with PNG several times in order to have some type of text change.
But, there is a strange thing going on, if I decrease the length of PNG keyframes to be less than 3 minutes 20 sec, text disappears.
Any clue what is going on?

Play head is over the area with text, block with text filter is selected, definitely not some silly mistake as I have played video with just few sec PNG extension and in one case it is showing text in other it does not.
Shotcut version is 18.06.02

By the way, when Image is added to the list duration is set as 4 minutes maybe this has something to do with this issue? I do not know just guessing…

Update: I imported another single colour image (white) 64x64pix, and combined text behaving very strange. It seems that Text is not taking resize dimensions of full screen but the actual dimension of 64 by 64 pixels.
Text is strangely deformed.

Update2: I tried not cutting images, but instead of placing them as they are, and it worked. So, out of some reason images do not like to be cut + text filter then stops working.

Why would you want to stretch a 64x64 pixel over a video?
A 1920x1080 transparent is just 8.03kb on my computer.

Try this instead:

  • Open Other
  • Color, (don’t adjust anything and just hit enter)

Use this as your transparency.

Taking small images was an old habit from HTML coding, there 1x1px is a standard thing.
I have tried large transparent image the same issue - when the image is cut, text filter does not work.

Which is why I suggested you try a different method. Although I can’t take credit for this knowledge as it was passed on to me from others more gifted in video editing with Shotcut than myself.

Example here of what I provided advice on.