Very nice editor

I just want to say, I found my new editor for linux, I don’t even edit videos that much, but it’s so good it makes me want to start. It has weird things I haven’t seen before (adding html) which opens a lot of doors for people not quite familiar with glsl, which I assume is the language for gpu effects, I believe I saw this somewhere.

I might experiment more with html effects and put together a set or something.

Can anyone tell me where the gpu effects are located and are they user editable? I haven’t had much time to look around but I will later.

Please move this post if in the wrong topic.

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@shotcut Will know more about this subject.

I’m one of those people, hello! Lol. Just learned that glsl is for OpenGL. What can you with glsl with Linux? I’m slowly pushing myself into Linux. One of my games demands OpenGL but that’s all I know about it.

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