Very long encoding


Today, unable to export my video 16: 9, 25 fps, Mp4 with the message:
“Export task canceled, new test without parallel processing”
After which, the encoding is very long but reaches its end.
As an attachment, the characteristics of the video imported into the project.
This is the first time this has happened to me.
Does somebody have an idea ?
Have a good day.



The MP4 container is rather limited with which codecs you choose.
It also does not like certain audios like PCM.

I see that you have selected Mpeg2 interlaced BFF which is correct for 720x576.

Does it have to be Mpeg2 in a MP4?
Will mov or mxf not work for you?


I wanted to incorporate 4: 3 in a 16: 9 from a simple DV. Indeed, I am not required to produce absolutely a mpeg and it is true that I ticked PCM without really paying attention. I will try in another format. Thank you for your help who taught me that the MP4 in small resolution was not a good solution. I’ll keep you posted on what’s next.
Thanks again.