Version 22-01-30 not launching for me on Windows

When I start the program does not open and is stopped.
I have to end the process in Task Manager.
With version 21-12-24 the problem does not occur.
I’m using Windows 11 Pro

There is no major difference between the two versions to explain that. Was the 22.01 version installed into its own, separate folder? You should try:

  1. reboot
  2. reboot and reinstall
  3. clear the Shotcut settings from the registry

Thanks for answering.
I use the portable version of Shortcut on Windows 11.
I don’t use the installed version

Are you using Anti-Virus programs?
If so, you may need to whitelist the entire folder.

Hi Hudson 555x I don’t use any third party anti-virus.
Only Windows Defender from Windows 11.
Don’t have problem with other versions of Shortcut only version 22-01-30.
I use the portable version, “Windows portable zip”

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