Version 21.05.18 with insert a video or picture issues

The last update 21.05.18 has issues that whenever importing or inserting a photo, video or Text. the pointer on the timeline reset back to the beginning of the project. This next happened with 21.03.21

Can’t duplicate the issue.

Please provide steps to reproduce.

You should explain exactly what that means because there is nothing in shotcut named “import” and when most people say that they are adding things to the playlist. Even that is ambiguous because there are different ways. I doubt that is what you mean.

then instead of import, drag the video, picture from the playlist on the the timeline (Video)

Ok I tried with various timeline options about keeping play head centered or scrolling to play head on zoom, but I cannot reproduce it in version 21.05.18

Thank you, Maybe it’s just me. My platform is Windows 10 Pro 20H2
What about adding fade in and out? Do you see that Filter has been changed with it’s category orders. Used to be grouped as video and audio. It is now separated.

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