Version:20.06.28 - Layout glitch


Since this version, each time TimeLine is unfocused, the Layout is resetted. At this time, Layout splitters (to resize different part of screen) are not enabled too or some disappear. ie: between main video & Playlist.

Yeah, I came across this too. I reported it and it got corrected for the next version.


I’ve noticed this too. In between Playlist and preview screen, also between Export pane and preview screen. Just to confirm though - will we have to wait until the next major update for the fix or is there going to be an interim update? It’s quite an annoying glitch :wink:

I think there will be a small 20.07 release to address this and a little more.


NiCE Shotcut ! ! !

That would be cool! Thanks @shotcut :+1:

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