Validation Procedures and Tests for Shotcut Builds

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently completed building Shotcut on Windows and would like to ensure that the build is successful. Could anyone provide guidance on the validation tests used for Shotcut? Are there any specific procedures or tools that the development team uses to validate the application build?

The Repo states that their Nightly Builds are successful, do shotcut have any validations and tests? @brian @developer @shotcut

We do not have automated validation tests. Our release process is:

  1. Developers perform their own manual regression tests
  2. We have a beta period where users perform their own manual regression tests
  3. We release after the beta period.

What are you planning to do with your build?

Thanks for your reply @brian

I have written a single script/workflow for windows, that clones shotcut and builds from source {similar to the msys2 script}. That works fine now, able to perform all the stuff. I wanna confirm if its completely working and build is fine.[with all features tested]

Post confirmation I wanna raise a PR with a single file named “”
This helps upcoming devs, to have their own build of shotcut.

Do not bother as it is redundant and will not be maintained.

Can you explain how this would be different than what we already have?

@brian This script Installs the available packages directly with binaries (like ffmpeg, fftw…etc) and build only shotcut from source.

Is this a good approach?

@shotcut @brian
Not a redundant in my opinion, this script Installs the deps like (ffmpeg, fftw, frei0r…etc) using package manager and build only shotcut from source.

In this way can’t we save a lot of time??..and resources…??

w.r.t the msys2 script in the repo: Is there any specific reason behind building all the deps of shotcut like mlt, ffmpeg from source ??

We provide a SDK with our dependencies to make Windows development easier, but you can use your script for yourself. There are reasons not all dependencies come from msys2 such as vmaf integration with ffmpeg, bigsh0t, movit, glaxnimate patches, and version control. I am not going to recall and spell out several years of history to you, and I do not need to justify my choices with you. You can just stop with the pleading and trying to change things for me to align with your choices.