V21.01.29 - Track Height not as small as previous versions?

Just updated to v210129. Within seconds I notice that the track heights are reset and can not be reduced to the smaller size on previous versions (ie: v201128 and previous)

Is this a bug or deliberate? As of right now I can’t see my list of tracks like I used to. I need the vertical space more than I need to see icons on the tracks.

Please fix this/re-add the option to reduce the track height smaller, like the older versions.

It is a side effect of the following change from the release notes:

Finished converting Timeline, Filters, & Keyframes to Qt Quick Controls 2 API

This is fixed for the next version 21.02


Great! Thanks!

Perhaps in relation to the same root cause I also recognized that in 21.01.29, if working with many tracks and scrolling down, the time scale on top of the timeline vanishes. Will this also be fixed in 02.21?

I hope so!
This fix is desperately needed, I absolutely rely upon the time scales to keep a somewhat consistent pattern when doing alternating clips.

Yes, I just fixed it. Thanks for reporting it. But please do not rely upon me seeing new replies on a solved thread and create a new post the next time.
You can fix this in your installed files (assuming Windows or using Linux portable) if you are a power user by looking at these simple changes (date changes not important) and making them in text editor:

Understood - will keep it in mind next time.

It works - thanks!

Thanks for this fix Timeline/Keyframes ruler

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