V19.10 BETA now available

Shotcut only supports 1, 2, or 6 channels. I am not sure what you are talking about or how to reproduce it.

Update: You must regenerate for existing projects that have clips with more than one audio track. The project file needs to store something to prevent the need to skip the waveform cache for the 99% of projects that do not need this capability. Maybe you did not wait long enough to let waveforms rebuild.

V19.10 Beta Report

  1. The Zoom parameter keyframes for the Vertigo filter go under the keyframe graph when the value is lowered all the way down. Demo.

  2. When you add a transparent clip on top of a clip with the Vertigo filter then the alpha channel is reduced to a black background. Demo.

  3. I have noticed jagged lines being produced when trying out the Mask From File filter. In this demo, I first demonstrate with Mask Simple Shape to compare the straight lines with the jagged lines that are produced in Mask From File.

  4. After choosing the “Custom” option in Mask From File, the menu acts strange. Wherever you click, the File drop down menu opens up even if you don’t directly click on it. Also, the buttons on File are not very responsive. For example nothing happens when clicking on Custom again if you want to change to another Custom file. This is totally unlike the menu for transition clips where it is responsive so that even when picking a custom transition for a second time the menu will drop down as soon as it’s clicked on. In Mask From File you have to pick one of the preexisting files then go back to Custom in order to open up the window to choose a custom file. I demonstrate all of this in this demo. First I show how after picking a custom files the menu drops down even though I clicked nowhere near it then I show how it’s not responsive when clicking on Custom again unless I click to another choice then click back to Custom.

  5. When zoomed in, the right drag and trim handles in Simple Keyframes look like they are not as accurate as the left side. The right side stops before the playhead and not at the playhead like the left side. Demo.

  6. If you use the trim handle to trim a filter while having advanced keyframes set so that it goes over the advanced keyframes then revert the trim handle back, the advanced keyframes that were there won’t be restored. They are reset to discrete keyframes. Demo with Size and Position. Demo with Brightness.

  7. There are times with the Freeze filter when no check mark appears in the filter list even if you click on it to turn the filter on or off. This is difficult to catch because it comes and goes but here is an instance when it happened.

  8. When a whole clip is brought down to the timeline, the first pause after the Freeze filter is chosen will be of elsewhere in the video and not where the playhead is. Demo.

  9. If you create a sub-clip in the source window and bring it to the timeline then try to add the Freeze filter, the frame that is paused on are completely off from the frame you are actually trying to pause. Here is demo. You’ll also notice how the bug with the check mark not appearing also happens here.

  10. Bring a full video clip from Source to the timeline. Then press “O” to eliminate the right side. After picking the Freeze filter, the pause will not be on the frame where the playhead is. Demo.

  11. Transition clips made from one clip with the Freeze filter are corrupted with the image of the clip with the Freeze filter being of something else than what was chosen. Demo. The bug with the check mark not appearing on the filter happens here again.

  12. The Trails filter has a bug where it brings up frames that are from later in the video clip. In this demo, when the playhead first passes a clip with the Trails filter it flashes frames from either 2 seconds or 5 seconds ahead. I did the demo with the timecode on the Text filter to make the bug obvious. I repeat the pass 3 times in the demo. The first time the timecode from 2 seconds quickly appears first before anything else. The second time the timecode shows the frame at 5 seconds first and the third time it’s back to the frame at 2 seconds. You have to pay attention because it passes by quickly.

  13. The Nervous filter has the same issue as the Trails filter. Here is a demo for it. The first time the first frame that appears is from 2 seconds. The second time it’s a frame from 3 seconds ahead and the third time it’s from a frame from 1 second ahead.

  14. Can a reset button on Simple Keyframes be added to reset to the default position for the trim and drag handles? Perhaps it can be put in between the newly added buttons?

  15. Can shortcut keys for Simple Keyframes be added that correspond to these buttons:

They could be Alt+[ and Alt+].

  1. How about changing the container for the Ut Video preset to matroaska considering the fix that was made to ffmpeg and the benefits Austin said it would have over avi?

  2. Shouldn’t the audio codec for HuffYUV preset be changed from FLAC to PCM?

  3. I’ve noticed that the “Goto” option that appeared when you right click in the playlist is now gone. It allowed Shotcut to open up and play the playlist clips in the Source player as if it was one video:

Can this option be brought back and restored?

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Once again, thank you for the feedback and your attention to detail. I think all of what you mentioned are not “major regressions over recent versions” or “major bugs in new features” that will block release. I will address many of them but not all, but let’s look at a few real quick:

1.) fixed
2.) fixed
3.) not new and no plans to address for this release
4.) this is not new and a known issue in the gui toolkit outside my control and no plans to address. The reason it works worse than transition properties is completely different technology implementations: C+ widgets vs. QML Quick Controls. Hopefullly an upgrade in the future fixes it, but the upgrade is not easy and always drops older macOS versions in the process.
5.) not new
6.) not new
12.) will not ever be addressed due to the nature of its operation and where it comes from (libavfilter). This problem happens during preview due to random access (scrubbing) and the nature of the effect: buffering previously received frames. Filters only know the current frame and cannot arbitrarily request previous frames. Did you export and see its result? It will not have this problem. If its behavior in preview bothers you enough then do not use it.
13.) same as 12
14.) double-click the simple keyframe circle to reset it
15.) done
16.) done
17.) why?
18.) It is still there, but it only appears in a playlist-only project - when timeline is empty. It has been this way since v17.03. It is this way to prevent confusion for beginners and infrequent users who end up seeing something other than their timeline project in the project player. Advanced users can use the keyboard shortcut to access this hidden feature in a timeline project: Shift+Enter.

Ok, I try to explain it better, because I edited two seperate stereo-channels in two audio tracks.
When I reload my project again, both Audiotracks shows the waveform of the 1. audiochannel. I can wait several minutes for a 20min film but the 2. audiochannel doesn’t change the waveform. So I have to rebuild every single clip in the 2. audiochannel I’ve cut.
Saving my project again to contunue the next day, everything has to rebuild in the 2nd audiochannel.

I reproduced it and fixed it for the release.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about that shortcut key. Thanks.

I based it on what @Austin and @D_S said in my thread about the export presets:

FLAC for a final export would be fine, FLAC for audio that’s being edited during the project is just a waste of cpu time. So it really depends on why you’re making the file, presumably shotcut itself is being used for the final export not typically to make the video you’re editing from.

You’re right. But I was thinking it’s unlikely that many people would want a huge HuffYUV just sitting there in their computer. I imagine that most cases for HuffYUV and Ut Video are for editing purposes. I could be wrong though. I understand FFV1 as the lossless choice for archiving which in the Shotcut presets uses FLAC so that makes sense.

This just reminded me that the current setting for Ut Video for “Convert to Edit-friendly” uses FLAC audio. So even if FLAC is kept for HuffYUV, based on what you said it might be good to change it for the Ut Video’s “Convert to Edit-friendly” feature.

agreed on the “convert to edit friendly” using something less cpu intensive making sense here

Exactly. They are low-overhead decompression options for when speed is more important than space. HuffYUV is the least overhead, making it the fastest at editing for people who need to eek every last bit of performance out of their system. As such, pairing it with a high-overhead audio compression scheme breaks the spirit of the whole use case and wipes out its edge over the other codecs.

HuffYUV is about speed, not space. If space was a concern, that’s where FFV1 with FLAC comes in.

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I will change convert to use PCM but leave the export preset as is.

I am also going to remove the Freeze filter because it is too problematic including problems not mentioned here. It is more or less of a hack in the engine so not terribly surprising.


is that also fixed?

Found two more bugs:

  1. Make a transition clip from two clips. Then split one of the clips. When you hit Undo to go before “Add Transition” then problems start to happen. If you hit undo to go past “Add Transition” then Shotcut will turn those clips and transition into some other part of the longer clip and ignore the transition. If you hit Undo again to go to the start (i.e. ) then the clip will be changed once again and the playhead will only go up to right before the transition clip. It cannot go past it. If you click File>New to start a new project that whole track with the clips and transition will not be removed. If you try to remove that whole track it will not go away. Sometimes at this point, Shotcut will crash. I had to make a whole video for this one in order to show how many issues occur. When I recorded this, Shotcut did not crash but it can when you try to remove the track sometimes:


Towards the end of the video (at about 1:50 into the video), there is a part where I am playing the video and the video just stops. I didn’t stop the video. It just ends right there even though in the timeline there is more video left to go with the transition clip and second clip. Right after that I take the mouse and point it past the transition clip where the second clip is to try and bring the playhead there but it won’t move there.

  1. The threshold for Mask From File at 0% is not really 0%. Even though it’ll be set at 0% the other clip can still be seen:

I have just done some optimisation of the javascript, mainly asm.js type coercion, and the filter now runs twice as fast. The new version is in the ZIP file on my website.

It is still my intention, when I have the time, to convert it to a WebGL shader, which will use the GPU and hopefully be more performant.



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That’s great to hear! Keep us posted! :smiley:

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Found another bug:

  1. When trying to do manual proxies like here:

After directing Shotcut on which file to use, audio will play but no video will show because Shotcut will autoselect “none” for Video track in Properties rather than staying on video track 1. This can happen either when you try to go from the bigger file to smaller file or later on when you try to go from the smaller file to bigger file.

Shotcut depends on a valid audio_index and video_index in the MLT XML, and proxy workflow is not yet managed. Your case is failing because your source and proxy media have different index values. If you remove an index, then MLT will automatically select the first audio or video track it finds.

You mean different resolutions? Why doesn’t this issue occur in the video above?

No, I mean different <property name="video_index"> in the XML. The index depends on the order in which streams (aka tracks) appear in a container file: sometimes audio first, sometimes video first. The index is really only needed in the cases of multiple audio or video or disabling audio (audio_index = -1) or video (video_index = -1). Basically, as part of your proxy workflow, you can edit the XML in a text editor to remove those lines if you are confident you are only using the first audio or first video.

But the files don’t have more than one video track. I still don’t understand why it doesn’t happen in the video above. It doesn’t matter if I create a smaller file in Handbrake or Shotcut. After testing this a few times, it doesn’t happen anymore going from the original file to a smaller file but it keeps happening going from the smaller file to the original file.