V19.01 BETA now available

This is fixed for the release. It was a problem handling dropped files with special characters - in this case - in the file name. File > Open was not affected by this bug.

ok ok that makes sense. Thanks for fixing that!

Hi, when i add a text filter, in the text box i can’t add characters like: á â ä … but with “Open Other -> Text” it can be done, and now the first text filter also can do.

This is not new for version 19.01, I usually copy and paste the text from an external application to be able to use this type of characters.

I use GNU/Linux and Shotcut 19.01.19

Best regards.

This is a bug in Qt on Linux as far I can tell and will not be fixed for the release. It works on macOS and Windows. Even the flatpak, which is using Qt 5.11 instead of 5.6 has the problem, which surprised me. The reason it works for Open Other dialog is because they are using different Qt technologies. Open Other is using classic widgets while the filters use QML Quick (TextArea in this case). I tried searching the web a little to find more about this, but I did not find anything.

One minor bug with the new simple scroll overlay.
Some part of the text always remains on screen no matter which direction the scroll is set to. Duration of the clip does not matter.

Project demonstrating the problem.

simple_scroll.zip (17.7 KB)

This is fixed for the release. Needed to add margin: 0; to <style> body.