V18.12 BETA now available

Yes, please test those on this beta to see if they are still present.

I’m looking forward to your proxy report. :smiley:

Oh and I want to correct an oversight on my part in this comment of mine:

It would actually be a third way of doing transitions. I forgot that transitions can also be made by stretching one clip on top of another as an alternative to dragging one clip on top of another.

Kind of. If you do Mask: Simple Shape and set width and height to 0, then you have started the filter-masking process without really affecting the alpha channel. Next, you can add one of the Chroma Key filters and the Alpha Channel: Adjust to select by color. Follow these with Color Grading, Hue/Lightness/Saturation, or the new Levels followed by Mask: Apply.

Bug in the mask from file filter.
Applied it to three clips using key frames with the threshold parameter. Saved the project. Open the file and begin playback from the beginning.

The filter is not activated. You need to click the clip and select it for the filter to become active. Each clip has to be selected once for the filter to activate.

Also if the play head is between key frames and the parameter is modified the entire key frame sequence is lost.


Adjusted the threshold parameter and the key frames disappeared.


Here’s the project file.

Mask from filter KF bug.mlt (11.7 KB)

Windows 10 Pro 64.

This has been fixed.

The presets created in v 18.11 and earlier do not work with the new mask simple shape filter.

Unfortunately, this is not going to be fixed. Mask: Simple Shape was not simply a rename. It is a different engine filter with a different UI implementation in Shotcut. The old filter must remain to be compatible with old projects. However, they cannot share the same ID and thus have different preset folders. You can easily copy the preset file and convert it with a text editor. Simply put “filter.” (including the period) in front of each parameter name except “shotcut:animIn” and “shotcut:animOut”

Today, when fixing the bug reported by @sauron on the Mask: From File filter, I realized it has a deception: there was no way to simply use the referenced file’s brightness or alpha directly. It was always applying a threshold filter to the luma/alpha value. Thus, for the release, there will be a checkbox next to the Threshold label to turn off the threshold filter!

Thanks for the latest release.
Can confirm that the bug with video playback stopping on the Blackmagic Decklink cards has been fixed.

Works. Tedious, but better that redoing each preset.

Is that the reason why the Channel option is always stuck on Brightness? I can’t get it to change to Alpha but I don’t know if it’s because I am not doing a necessary step that would allow me to change it to Alpha.

If you use a custom file with a transparent BGD you can change between brightness and alpha.


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A followup to my bug report about the mask from file filter.

I tried exporting the project I attached. The export works but the filters are inactive. If this has been fixed please ignore this post.

Some things to report on:

  • There seems to be a bug with the “Mask: From File” filter when the Invert box is ticked. If you pick any one of the transitions while having the effect inverted and crank the Threshold all the way to 100% it goes back to the same inverted image at 0% rather thanthe image that is coming in with the inverted option on. So in other words, when you don’t have the Invert option on, the image at 0% and 100% Threshold are different. With the Invert option on, the image at 0% and 100% Threshold are the same.

  • The “Mask: From File” and “Mask: Simple Shape” filters act strangely with simple keyframes. With any other filter the first keyframe in simple keyframes will be whatever was set in the timeline. So for example, if you pick the Brightness filter and in the timeline you set it to 200% then go to the simple keyframes, the first simple keyframe will be at 200% while the first frame of that clip will be the default 100% setting. So the clip will have a Brightness that goes from 100% (the default) to 200% (the value set in the timeline). The two Mask filters though do not behave this way.

With “Mask: Simple Shape” you don’t even have to set any values in the timeline for it to act strange in simple keyframes. If you apply the Simple Shape filter (along with some other filter like Brightness and “Mask: Apply”) then go to simple keyframes and just double tap the first simple keyframe to jump a second then for whatever reason the rectangle shape goes to the top left hand corner on both the first frame of the clip and the first simple keyframe. If instead of double tapping the first simple keyframe you drag it out then the first frame will stay at the default position but the first simple keyframe will go to the top left hand corner.

With “Mask: From File”, instead of the first simple keyframe being at whatever the Threshold was set to in the timeline (e.g. Threshold 100%) and the first frame being the default Threshold setting of 50%, both the first frame of the clip and the first simple keyframe will be the same setting that was done in the timeline (e.g. Threshold 100%).

  • I was testing the new Ut Lossless preset by taking some 4K and 1080p files and bringing them down to a proxy file size of 360x204 but when I bring the finished file back into Shotcut for some reason Shotcut’s player keeps flashing some green video glitch on the left side of the screen throughout the duration of the video. Here is a screenshot.

This didn’t happen with the previous Ut Video Lossless preset. It also doesn’t happen with the current Ut Video Alpha preset.

All of the issues @DRM raised have been fixed for the release.