Using SVG images

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I’m hoping this is user error, but I’m a little worried it’s a bug or intended behavior. When I use an SVG file in shotcut, it renders very poorly in comparison to my browser. See the video here:

Now, I specifically made an SVG file because it should give clean edges as you scale up in size. It looks as though it were converted to PNG at the crap 320 x 300 pixel width and height attributes of the original SVG file.

Any reason why I shouldn’t expect to use vector graphics and get clean images in exported videos in shotcut?

Under the vector art path, create a path with a background color such as black and place this path lower than the vector art. The result will look much better.


SVG is not a simple format where all are the same. Shotcut uses Qt, which only supports SVG Tiny 1.2, which is is very limited and most tools do not limit to it. So, that creates interoperability problems. Shotcut recommends using JSON vector graphics (Lottie, Telegram, and its own Rawr), which it supports through the bundled Glaxnimate tool. It too can have compatibility problems with things created by other tools, but since it is an editor (with animation support), you stand a decent chance to fix things. Glaxnimate can import SVG and might support more than Tiny 1.2. You can try it.

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Indeed, that is a lot better! It seems it’s still not perfect, though.

I tried importing the SVG into Glaxnimate a bit earlier and it looked quite crisp in there. For some reason, Glaxnimate would crash when I tried to navigate to another time on the time line to create an animation, but for the simple stuff I want to do, I can probably add just the image via Glaxnimate and animate with shotcut filters. Will try and report back!

Great Success

  1. Use Open Other button to add a Glaxnimate (Animation) to the timeline
  2. import your SVG into Glaxnimate, orient to taste
  3. save in Glaxnimate
  4. return to shotcut project and edit and add filters as you please