Using several Filters same time

Made with Shotcut some experiment: A 5 minutes clip opened in the playlist, to the timeline,
made some small editing, used one filter to mirror the video, and then put some text on it.
Exported the video. When finished, played the video, it was mirrored OK, but the text was on the video from start to the end, not for several seconds.
Do I have to use the filters separately, one at a time. This text issue is not so clear to me.
My system is win 10 pro, English, Shotcut version 18.08.14.
Answers will be appreciated

You can apply a filter to the Master, Track, or Clip, and yes one at a time.

If you only have one clip on V1 for 5 minutes, and you ad text to that clip, that text will be 5 minutes.

There many ways to go about adding text for just a few seconds to what you already have (and I’ll pretend that you don’t have any text added). I’ll just use two examples.

Best way to add text is the putting the text above all other tracks on V2, if you only have V1.

  • Add transparent color (File/Open Other/Color -just hit enter here) (It will show up black in the source viewer, but it’s transparent)
  • Drag from source viewer to V2, cut/adjust to desired length.
  • Now add your text to this clip. (And you can add fades to the text.)

The quick and dirty way: After you already applied your main filters to V1, split precisely where you want the text to be. Select the clip and use text filter. This method doesn’t allow you to use fades with text.

Ah, I see now why there’s the word “transparent” after the box saying “Color”… It wasn’t too obvious that I could just hit “enter” and get a transparent clip. That will make it easier for me to add transparent clips now - thanks!..

Here’s another thing … I was wondering if it would be a good idea to show the transparency as grey/white chequers, as in other applications, rather than black? Maybe I will suggest this to Dan in a new thread…

Did exacly as Hudson555x wrote, here is step by step:

  1. Added the video clip on timeline V1, cut commercials from both ends.
  2. Opened File/open other/color, viewer became black.
  3. Added a new track V2, draged the ‘black’ from the viewer onto that (V2) track (not right at the begining of the video, some seconds forward), adjusted the length (about 15 seconds).
  4. Selected the 3D text filter, wrote some text.
    Before exporting started the player, on the viewer was playing the video until the playhead reached the ‘text clip’, viewer became black (no text) until playhead passed the ‘text clip’ and again the video was showing.
    The exported file was only from the original, no text.
    Then exported only the text clip, it was text on black background.
    I will try the other method.
    Or have I done something wrong ?
    Answers will be appreciated.