Uploading Audio with hidden Video

Hi, thanks to the help I received on here, I was able to hide my video in Shot cut and just hear my audio. My concern now is that when I get it ready for an upload to Youtube, how can I be assured that the video won’t again play within their platform?

Thanks again for your help!

Once the video is exported with no image, audio only, from Shotcut, it will play as it was exported. YouTube will not be able to play the video. There is no video. It’s audio only.

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Plackback the exported MP4 in either Shotcut or VLC Media Player to verify. YouTube doesn’t change anything. I remember you said in your other post you would be using images instead. As along as you have something on the screen you will be fine.

You can upload a blank/black video with just audio, but eventually it will possibly be flagged as a no-content video, possibly resulting a channel strike.

In YouTube Creator Studio, you can set your upload to “Private” so you can view it once it’s done ‘processing’. Only you can see the video, nobody else can until you you change it to Unlisted, or Public. You can change the permission on any video at any time.

Thanks, so very helpful!

Wow, you’ve answered a bunch of my questions all in one.
Thanks so much!

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