Upgrading old projects to 22.04.25 stops playback when "hitting" a image type files and won't update the preview until reboot

That’s probably a quite specific issue, I tried removing any duplicate filters on set elements, checked if I used any outdated filters which does not seem to be the case and checked if the files where still where the program thinks they are, which they were (+ I didn’t get a warning when opening the project).
I tried adding different png files in the new version, also breaks it.
I tested jpeg, same thing.
The program still works, I can edit filters, move the marker thing on the timeline (it just won’t update on the preview) and even add stuff, but trying to close the program or start a new project will freeze it entirely. I could not find any other similarities, my pngs where all at least on the second layer but e.g. adding a new png to the sources tab will break it the same way, no relation to if the file is transparent.

when making a new project and adding said files everything is fine, so its very likely related to the age of the file.

I sadly dont know the version specifically from which I upgraded, as the only installers I still have on my device are the newest one and one from 20.11.28, but I know for certain that the version I used was one of the first to have the time remap filter included, and was the newest release less then a year ago. i already got a workaround - ill just work with a render of the project i made earlier, but i dont have such renders for all of my old projects, so it would be great to see a fix, but i understand if my description is to vague for that

Do you have a backup copy of the MLT file before you saved it with version 22.04.25?
If you do, open it when Notepad, and in the 2nd line, it will show what version you left off with.

thanks, its “Shotcut version 21.09.20”

Here is a direct link to the old version you can download. You can use the zip version without uninstalling the current one so you can complete your project.

All older versions can also be found here:

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