Ungeduld - Eine Zeitreise

let me introduce you too to my latest video:

Ungeduld - Eine Zeitreise

As always, it contains a little story, but for you the techniques are probably more in the foreground. :slight_smile:
Comments are of course very welcome!

Best regards

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Some nifty technical features. I love the one at the end where the “ghost” image of the woman comes to the forefront to overlay the woman’s image itself - neat…

Thank you!

That is/was quite easy. :slight_smile:
I’ve found a nearly the same picture (with mask), then the “Mask”-filter, oval (which I normally prefer, but it depends), with 100% softness and moving coincident.

It is a nightmare!

And why?

Or better:
The story, or the video itself?

Hey, very artistic and different than your usual with the flying emojis. I added it a playlist on the Shotcut YouTube channel.

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