Unexpected track selection on keypress ('a' 'o' or 'i')

I’m using Shotcut 20.11.28 on Win7 64bit. Almost all projects in 1080p@24FPS if this helps.

Problem is:
Selection of the current track in the timeline changes to another track on keypress of ‘a’ ‘i’ or ‘o’. Sometimes, but often enough to post it here.

Steps in detail:
Add some video files to the playlist.
Add some of them to the timeline (‘a’).
Then create another track on the timeline (‘Ctrl+i’) and add some clips there with drag and drop.
Do this with 4 tracks (V1…V4)
Save project and close shotcut.
Start shotcut and open project again.
Then select the first track (lowest: V1) to get it highlighted in yellow.
Doubleclick on a video in the playlist, set in and out points (‘i’ and ‘o’) in the player and press ‘a’ to add it at the end of the current track (V1). -> works
But sometimes the yellow selection of the current track jumps automatically to track V3 right after adding the clip.

This also happens when selecting a clip on track V1, move the playhead somewhere inside and press ‘i’ or ‘o’ to set the clips start and end point to the playhead position.
Most of the time it does what it should, but sometimes it just jumps 2 tracks higher and modifies a different clip there.

I wouldn’t consider this a mayor bug as i cannot reproduce it. But maybe someone had the same problem and we can try to find a way to reproduce so the devs here can have a look at that.

Basically, same as below with addition of ‘i’ and ‘o’

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