Unable to Export Video

I load an mp4 video clip shot with a camcorder. I create a video track and drag the clip onto the timeline. I click on “Export”. Sometimes there is a button near “Parallel Processing” marked “Export” which brings up a file requester and lets me export the file, and sometimes there isn’t this secondary “Export” button. At the moment, clicking on “Export” next to “Filters” does not bring up this secondary “Export” button so I have no way of exporting the file.

What could I be doing wrong?

Version 18.03.06

Well my version of Shotcut is the same [Downloaded from shotcut.org] but does not share the layout you appear to describe, so my first question is where did you dl shotcut from and which OS are you using?


Go to full screen and you’ll see it unless you have the timeline window pushed all the way up, then you’ll have to just lower down the timeline window.

That works, thank you. The window needs to be maximized, otherwise this secondary “Export” button is hidden.

It is no more hidden than a long web page is hidden, you just pull down the export panel’s scroll bar as you would a web page …

(I never imagined anyone would not use a video editor full screen ?)

The window doesn’t need to be maximized, just not shrunk down to minimum. Just basic computer window manipulation.

Shotcut also allows the panels to be customized to an extent.

It needs to be maximized. On my machine, which has a 1280 x 720 display, you can make the window real big, almost to maximum, and this button is not visible unless the window is actually maximized. I can play hide and seek with the button by clicking on the Maximize gadget.