Unable to enable GPU Processing

I´m trying to find how to enable GPU Processing so Shotcut works with my Graphics Card. I downloaded latest Shotcut but the option to enable it in Settings is not there. Please I need help. I have a Lenovo Ideapad 500-15isk 80nt with AMD Radeon r7 m360.

It is a very good computer (i7 with 8GB Ram), and still Shotcut doesn´t work properly, all preview videos have like 1 FPS…it is weird.

Any help will be amazing.

Ivan I highly recommend to get a Powerful desktop if you plan to do lots of video editing. Stay away from laptops.

hopefully this will help for now??

PS I don’t recommend GPU Processing as mentioned before it’s buggy and experimental. I wish it was stable.

This is a laptop GPU.
More often than not, Lower end Laptop GPUs are not supported for Video editing.
My both laptop GPUs (AMD 8570m & Nvidia 830m) did not work with Hardware rendering even though they did appear to support them. The thing is, these chips are watered down compared to full desktop Chips and do not have full encoding hardware on them.

I either get a Black screen or Corrupt file.
Software enconding (LibX) works fine but takes hours.

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